The Sufi-influence teaching of the Caucasian G.I. Gurdjieff (1873—1949) were aimed at destroying man’s illusory self-image, and revealing him as a being guided by mechanical reflexes. Gurdjieff distinguished four centres in man: the centre for motion, thought and feeling and that of the form-giving apparatus. These four should be correctly organized as a hierarchical team of passenger, chariot, driver and horse. On the cover for the programme of his institute, which he founded at Fountainbleau in 1922, they are shown as the four creatures in the enneagram. Gurdjieff’s most famous pupils and acolytes included the Russian mystic P.D. Ouspensky, who, with his writings on the fourth dimension, influenced suprematism, the theatre director Peter Brook, the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the composer de Hartman, who worked with Kandinsky.

Alexander de Salzmann, cover-design for the programme of the “Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man,” Tiflis, 1919

- Amethyst -

Watercolor on paper.

- The Demiurge - (triptych) I: Arche, II: Logos, III: Harmonia

Panel ‘I’ is comprised of 108 black, silver, and copper wires and woven together according to the same geometric principles as the other two panels. The piece in full is intended to represent a progression from formless potential to final concrescence.

Morning ride.

Sphalerite on quartz from Bulgaria.

Labradorite, the stone of the sorcerer, is a variety of the mineral feldspar. The most notable physical feature of labradorite is the iridescent dance within it’s crystalline structure.

Named for the Labrador region of Canada it is historically noted to have been ‘discovered’ in 1770, but the indigenous people of that region regarded it as a talisman for over a thousand years. Notable deposits exist in Madagascar, Mexico and Russia.

The iridescent quality is called  labradorescence in reference to labradorite. In alchemy the same quality was referred to as the cauda pavonis, or the peacock’s tail and was sought out as a precursor to the whitening, or final stage in the Magnum Opus of the magician. A transformation not just in the physical space of their retort, but in the mind and consciousness of the practitioner.

Blacksaw on Storenvy

Here’s a picture of the triptych and altar my partner and I constructed for the Demiurge series. The first panel, Arche, is made of 108 lengths of copper, silver and black wire woven together. Arche essentially means ‘source’ in Greek and is a formless potential from which everything else can arise (similar to Hiranyagarbha from Vedic tradition). I’m going to disassemble my installation this week so expect better photographs soon.∞

Feeling abundant and vital today. The plants seem to share my enthusiasm.

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