I had the pleasure of tattooing my sweetie Cath!, marking the first palm I’ve done and only the second wrist, the other being my own. No machine ever!



America - 2014 


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The five platonic solids are three dimensional polyhedrons, with congruent faces of regular polygons that never intersect except at their edges. If put into a sphere the points at which the faces meet will all meet perfectly within the sphere. Plato considered them to be the basic foundation of everything in existence, and have been recognized since the dawn of humanity in our current incarnation.

This particular set is carved from Quartz crystals and are available on my shop:  http://blacksaw.storenvy.com/

Over the past year I’ve been working on constructing a nonlinear, nonverbal, geometric language. Part of what I think causes so much turmoil in the world is our inability to look outside our personal reality tunnel, combined with each of us having unique, culturally defined, internal dictionaries that only the individual has true access to. Misunderstanding is the natural outcome.

I don’t intend to solve communication problems. All I wanted was a look inside the architecture of linguistic intent and the best way to do that for me was to invent a language. This is one view of one of the ‘letters’.

Double terminated quartz I found here in Pennsylvania last fall.

Where my home is located once stood a medium sized apple and peach orchard. Some of the trees are still here, but most of them were pushing 80 years old and have since died off. There’s two apple trees remaining, neither of which have had viable fruit in about 20 years, until this year.

I took on the voluntary responsibility of nurturing this land about 5 years ago and have gone through more transformation in that time than all of the 25 years before it. I’m healthier in mind and body, the land is healthier in mind and body, and it’s one of the few things that never feels like a burden or frustration.

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I went garbage picking and scored. This is only half of the supplies I’ve discovered today!


Never really drawn people thought I’d give it a shot.

Audrey Horne from twin peaks.

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