Up to date progress as of moving on Walpurgisnacht, 2012. Still a lot of work to do with siding, interior beautification and so on, but definitely a functional and comfortable space to live.

Driven by an impetus to stop wasting money paying rent, wasting time working only for the money to survive instead of truly LIVE, to engage in a more simple, relaxed and peaceful philosophy of living as opposed to the current stressful, fast-food, money-driven “American dream,” we began building a home in the woods, at Ulfheim.

Using the help of friends, the availability of reclaimable lumber, and a mellow pace of work, the idea slowly became realised over the past year. The challenges of living without electricity and running water are easily overcome using a mixture of renewable energy sources and developing rainwater catchment systems (still in the works), but all this has been covered in other folks’ blogs, books and so on.

The benefits of relocation have been immediate and all-permeating. Even the simple pleasure of waking up to the sun and wind in the trees, instead of car stereos and police sirens has had a wonderful effect on the mind and soul…the comparative silence allows you to hear the things that matter: the rustle of old leaves across the forest floor; the creaking trunks of beech, oak and poplar; woodpecker, owl and coyote making their distinctive sounds at different parts of day and night; and a deep voice within yourself assuring you that this is how man was meant to live.

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